In 2002, a group of us, while socializing at a local establishment, were approached by a friend with a story to tell. He expressed the situation of a 13 year old girl diagnosed with heart disease who was in desperate need of a heart transplant.  Although emotional and psychological support was very much present for her, the monies for the actual organ transplant were not.


Every one of us has a story, or knows someone who faces health issues and challenges everyday. Moved by the reality of this particular family’s situation, this group of individuals, now make up the Heart and Soul Board of Directors. 

We have dedicated ourselves to raising money since our first event in 2003, for many other families in need. Through neighbor to neighbor appeals, making connections with people, and drawing energy from our own hearts and souls we were able to raise the necessary funds for a successful transplant. Thus establishing the roots of the Heart and Soul Fund.



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