Follow The Fox With Us

Every one of us has a story, or knows someone who faces health issues and challenges every day.

The Heart and Soul Fund hosts annual events (join us for Follow the Fox in 2021) and partners with business and charitable 5013c organizations to provide monetary assistance to local Illinois families in need.


Heart & Soul is a fund built
by our families, volunteers and businesses that work to monetarily assist local families in medical crisis with specific health needs.

We will provide local families and friends who seek our support with the means to deal with the financial hardships relating to certain illnesses.

We regularly partner with local small businesses as well as nationwide businesses in gathering sponsorship monies through events.

Let's collaborate with major charitable organizations and private lenders with the plan to bring in funds locally.


The Heart and Soul Fund is a foundation that was established in 2002. A group of close friends worked to monetarily assist those who had specific health needs through this family oriented charitable organization. 

In 2021, The Heart and Soul Fund continues to host an annual event as well as partner with businesses and charitable organizations to provide monetary assistance to local families and organizations.

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