FROM 2003 into 2020 ... Life doesn't stop in a crisis, it continues and so will we ...

While 2020 gave us much to think about with a pandemic, social unrest and a divisive election there are some things that went right for us. Life doesn’t stop in crisis, it continues and you can choose to do something or not. In spite of the challenges of 2020 we accepted the risk and did our thing as safely as we could. And we continued outside as we Followed the Fox! With a masked up stop at Cattleman's Burger and Brew Burger Restaurant in Algonquin, Illinois!


The Heart and Soul Fund is a foundation that was established in 2002. A group of close friends worked to monetarily assist those who had specific health needs through this family oriented charitable organization. 

In 2021, The Heart and Soul Fund continues to host an annual event as well as partner with businesses and charitable organizations to provide monetary assistance to local families and organizations.

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