Groundhog Day 2021, who would have thought that we would feel like we are in the movie from 1993?

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

If you have never seen it, here is your spoiler alert! It stars Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell, and Chris Elliott. Murray portrays Phil Connors, a cynical television weatherman covering the annual Groundhog Day event in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, who becomes trapped in a time loop forcing him to relive February 2 repeatedly.

It plays out like a fable, with the end of the time loop only coming when Murray’s character lives the perfect day, where he becomes the best Phil Connor he can be. He treats people with empathy, saves a kid falling from a tree, he gives to the poor and he delivers an inspiring speech on the air.

I feel as though this year has been that way for me. Every day is a chance to do something better, something right to live like there is only today. This gift of a day to not just exist and take from this world but give back in some way. I don’t always get it right, but it has been a blessing to get this break from traveling and rushing through my life. I have been able to spend more time with my family and still give back through the Heart and Soul fund. This is our group of friends who are trying to get it right every day by volunteering, giving and participating positively in life…

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