May the Road Rise Up to Meet You

As a person of 100% Irish descent I have always loved the lilting brogue, the whimsical ideas of leprechauns and fairies, and the positive outlook that has been evident for centuries. I try to always count my blessings.But I also know that happiness does not always come through doors. Many of us and our friends, family, and neighbors have struggles. One way I strive to count my blessings is by giving back to the community. HEART AND SOUL provides me an avenue to join with friends in activities that give back.

This spring join us as we plan FUN activities that will benefit the Northern Illinois Food Bank. On June 4, 2021 we will host a Brewery Walk in St. Charles. Then get your bicycles ready for Bike and Brew Tour in Geneva and St. Charles on July 16. The 3rd event will take place Saturday, August 28 is the FOLLOW the FOX bicycle ride from Batavia to Lake Geneva, WI (you can do it!!).

Please like and follow Heart and Soul to find out more details and make June 4, July 16, and August 28 part of your way to count your blessings and give to those in need. For more information on Northern Illinois Food Bank please visit:

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