“Your Extra Day of Adventure” for Year 2021!!!

As we all know, Leap Year comes around every 4 years and last year (Year 2020) was a Leap Year. I got to thinking that this may bring up the long time dilemma for many people born on February 29th…Do they celebrate their birthday on February 28th or March 1st?

I say they should “Celebrate their birthday on both days!!!” I also say that everyone should ADD a “Day of Adventure” every year no matter if it is a Leap Year or not. Since this year (2021) is not a Leap Year, what are you going to ADD for “Your Day of Adventure!!!” Are you going to try something new this year! Are you going to take a day off work and Volunteer at a local charity! Or maybe accomplish both all in one day by joining Heart and Soul as we join friends and family for some upcoming FRIDAY FUN DAYS!

We are planning 3 fun outings. On June 4, 2021 we will host a Brewery Walk in St. Charles. Get your bicycles ready for Bike and Brew Tour in Geneva and St. Charles on July 16. Then Saturday, August 28 is the FOLLOW the FOX bicycle ride from Batavia to Lake Geneva, WI (you can do it!!). Many Adventures can be found and you will be raising money to help the Northern Illinois Food Bank. Please like and follow Heart and Soul to find out more details and make June 4, July 16, and August 28


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